Corned Beef and Cabbage

Saturday, April 25, 2009

This was our traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner. I know I am a little behind on posting it, but better late than never. Mike LOVES corned beef and cabbage. He could eat this dinner once a week and never grow tired of it. I, personally, do not like corned beef or cabbage; I will only eat it once a year. But everyone who has tried this recipe says it is the best corned beef and cabbage they have ever eaten. It has all of the wonderful flavors you expect from corned beef. I would definitely recommend adding it to your St. Patrick's Day traditions.

Serves: 4
Start to Finish: 7 1/2 hours (30 min prep + 7 hours in slow cooker)
Recipe By: Karen Waters


1 onion, cut into wedges
3 potatoes, peeled and quartered
1 cup baby carrots
2 cups water
1 garlic clove, minced
1 bay leaf
1 TBSP sugar
1 TBSP cider vinegar
1/4 tsp pepper
1 (1-2 lb) corned beef brisket with spice packet, cut in half
1/2 small head cabbage, cut into wedges


1. Chop onion, potatoes, and cabbage.
2. Place brisket in the bottom of the slow cooker.
3. Top with onion, potatoes, and carrots.
4. Combine water, garlic, bay leaf, sugar, vinegar, pepper and contents of spice packet; pour over vegetables.
5. Lastly, top with cabbage wedges.
6. Cover and cook on low for 7 hours or until meat and vegetables are tender. (The key here is to watch the cabbage, when the cabbage just starts to get soft it is done. You do not want your cabbage to get soggy.)
7. Remove bay leaf before serving.