Fruit Salad Jack-o'-Lanterns

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just like an orange bell pepper can look like a carved pumpkin so can an orange.  I am beginning to wonder if everything orange can be carved with a jack-o'-lantern face a pass for a pumkin. Watch out orange tomatos, you're next.  This smiling orange bowl can be used to hold almost anything from veggie salad, to jello, to icecream but today I am making them into fruit cups for a healthy snack.

Serves: 4
Start-to-Finish: 30 minutes
Recipe By: Amber Brunson


4 oranges
2 bananas
8 strawberries
1/2 cup grapes


1. Cut off top of orange, Do not discard top
2. Using a spoon, hollow out the inside of the oranges (do not discard orange pulp)
3. Cut a jack-o'-lantern face into the side of the orange
4. Cut up fruit into bite size pieces
5. Cut up orange pulp and add to the fruit
6. Mix together fruit
7. Spoon cut up fruit into the orange bowls