Frozen Frog Eggs

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kiwi is a fruit that normally scares my kids. It is brown, fuzzy, sour, and green with LOTS of seeds. I couldn't get them to even consider eating kiwi. So I was steeling myself for the very really possibility that I would be making all these swampy treats for no one but myself to eat. However, I was pleasantly surprised when Van insisted on trying the "froggie ice creams" as soon as I start making the batch, and cried when he learned they had to freeze for 4 hours before he could eat them. (4 hours is forever in little boy terms.) Not only did he try one, but both my boys finished all these pops within TWO days of making the batch and couldn't wait to lick their frogs out of the icy confines.

Serves: 8
Start-to-Finish: 20 minutes + 4 hours freezing
Recipe By: Family Fun Magazine


3 kiwi fruit
1 1/4 cup of limeade
1 tablespoon of honey
8 (3-oz) paper cups
Popsicle sticks
plastic frogs


1. Place plastic frogs upside-down in the bottom of the cups.
2. Fill the cups in with a small amount of water, just to cover the body of the frog (it doesn't need to completely cover the frogs, when it freezes you really only need to see the top of the frog to get the effect we are trying to achieve)
3. Place cups into a Pyrex baking dish and freeze for 10 minutes, or until water has frozen
4. Meanwhile, peel and cut 2 kiwi fruits into chunks.
5. Blend the fruit chunks with limeade and honey until the mixture is somewhat smooth.
6. Remove the frozen frogs from the freezer.
7. Slice the last kiwi fruit into eight thin pieces and place them over the bottom of the frozen frogs in the cups (when you flip the Popsicle over it should look like the frogs are resting on kiwi lily pads).
8. Pour the blended mixture into the cups.
9. Place the cups back in the Pyrex baking dish and cover them with foil.
10. Insert a popsicle stick through the foil and into each cup (the foil will hold the sticks in place).
11. Freeze the pops until solid, about 4 hours.
12. When you're ready to remove the pops from their molds, you can loosen them by briefly dipping the bottoms of the cups in warm water.


Jenna said...

Oh My goodness, how hilarious are these. My boys would just die for these, I have to try them. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

Wow, super cute!